The Real Reel: A Look Back at the Highs & Lows of 2018

  1. Ah! Loved reading this! I can’t nelieve you had to see your friends daughter go. So sad! My brother passed away December 31st last year soni totally get it. Life is short and painful. Grateful for your truth! Congrats on your success!

    • Cynthia Harper says:

      I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. Life certainly is short and can be so unpredictable. Wishing you a brighter 2019! XO, Cynthia

  2. Trish Barberry says:

    Wow! What a phenomenal experience! I’m very happy for you. The loss of a little girl that is your daughters age….so tragic. We hear these terrible things way too much, it’s not fair. How do you even begin to understand the “why”??
    I too struggle with being afraid if I can do this flower thing. I have a constant battle going on of yes you can and no you can’t! It’s stories like yours though that lift and inspire and all the while reminding us that we are only human.
    You are a beautiful, strong woman and I’m happy to know you. Happy and healthy new year to you and your wonderful family!

    • Cynthia Harper says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment here, Trish! I appreciate that. I hope you are able to find the courage to continue on pursuing your flower business! You have a gift and I hope you continue to use it. Wishing you a bright and beautiful 2019! XO, Cynthia

  3. Lisa Buteux says:

    My dear Cynthia, thank you for sharing so much of your heart! That wasn’t an easy thing to do, but I’m thankful that you did. You touched my heart and I’m certain this will touch and encourage many others. You are one of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve met in this community. I’m honored and blessed to call you friend. So thankful for you!

    • Cynthia Harper says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful words here, Lisa! I’m so grateful to know you and have met you this year. You are a constant source of support and friendship and I appreciate you! XO, Cynthia

  4. Carolyn Farina says:

    A beautiful post. Thoughtful and reflective. I’m on the older end of life, in my late 50s, a graphic designer who fuels my creativity in a variety of ways. Each year brings it’s own set of highs and lows. I was just talking about this with a friend of mine. 2018 was a great year for me… I became a grandmother for the first time. (Never thought I could love another human being as much as my own sons, but I truly do!) Traveled to Europe for the second time, and was able to pursue what I wanted to do professionally. Overall a very good year for me. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cynthia Harper says:

      I’m so happy to hear that 2018 was a great year for you! It sounds like you had some wonderful and memorable moments. May you enjoy a bright 2019 as well! Xo, Cynthia

  5. Alyssa says:

    What wonderful lessons of your very REAL year Cynth! Both the highs and lows make life worth living and I love that you have shared both facets of your year. Beautiful post and beautiful (though not always easy) year!

    • Cynthia Harper says:

      Thank you for your kind words here, Lyss! I knew I had to share from my heart about the highs and lows of the year. Wishing YOU a bright and beautiful 2019, my friend! XO, Cynthia

  6. Chelsey says:

    Thanks for sharing! It is nice to hear about the ups and downs so that we don’t get the idea that we are alone in experiencing the difficulties in life. I read a book this year called “Uninvited” by Lysa Teurkerst that was really helpful to me. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! What you said about relationships and questioning yourself is definitely something that resonates with me and that book helped a lot! Hope you have a great 2019!

    • Cynthia Harper says:

      Thank you for that book recommendation Chelsey! I’ve heard of it but not read it. Maybe I need to add that to my list for 2019! XO, Cynthia

  7. Cynthia what a beautiful blog post. I always admire and love your realness. You are the real deal! And incredibly talented and creative. So grateful our paths crossed on here and I really hope you know how special you are. For those that are making you doubt…shame on them. Happy New Year sweet friend! xo Elizabeth

    • Cynthia Harper says:

      Thank you for always being such an encouragement to my soul, Elizabeth! I appreciate you so much! Wishing you a bright and beautiful new year in 2019! XO, Cynthia

  8. It is so refreshing to hear not only your ups and amazing accomplishments this year (and they are truly a-maxing, congrats!), but also behind the scenes. Real life beyond the stories. That helps ppl like myself jump over the hurdles and not crawl under them to reach goals. Thank you for sharing❤️

  9. Laura Betters says:

    I had no idea you were going through all of these hard things this year. I hope you know I am always here for you and only 45 minutes away. I’ll drive to meet you any day for coffee, friend. I’m thankful that we crossed paths on IG and I’m enjoying watching you grow and bloom in your creativity and dreams. You are so right – Remember who you are in Christ first, and everything else seems to fall in line after that.

  10. Trish Kachel says:

    All of this is why I love you!! So So authentic. Here’s to 2019 and all the good that is going to happen and the not so good too, because without the not so good we don’t usually feel the same way about the GOOD!

  11. Floshea says:

    This was very encouraging to me! And I’m so sorry about the passing of your daughter’s friend — truly a sad experience. Thanks for being open and sharing on this platform 🙂

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