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The Girlfriends Guide to Authentic Growth on Instagram

This unique program blends personal mentorship with an online course to help you grow your Instagram so you can create your dream career! Discover the keys to authentically growing your following on instagram and strategically boosting your engagement, so that you can propel yourself in the direction of your dreams!

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This course is for those who desire to grow Their following on Instagram, but are confused or frustrated with how to do so.

The algorithms are intimidating and you’re just not sure what to do that will help you grow. You see others growing on Instagram, crushing their goals, and you wish it were you!

You have dreams, ideas, and goals but need guidance on how to use Instagram to reach them. You want to grow in legitimate and authentic ways to see real results without the frustration of trying to figure it all out on your own, and know that having an experienced mentor that knows the ropes will be is a valuable asset you’ve been missing.  

This is for you if:

You are tired of sitting around waiting for something to change and you are ready to take action toward the life you want! You know growing your Instagram following is a crucial part of that.

You’re either newer to instagram OR your growth is stagnant. You need a road map to get you growing in the right direction.

You’ve been through other courses that had little to no interaction with the instructor, and were more “fluff” than practical actionable strategies. While a motivational cheerleader pep talk is good for the soul, you want real practical action steps and insider secrets that you can actually implement!

You want to grow an authentic following. None of this buying likes, follow/unfollow nonsense. Real organic growth is what you desire.

IMAGiNE A LIFE where...

You see real results & growth from the time you spend on Instagram. There are measurable results from the effort you’re putting in.

You are able to leverage the power of Instagram to build your dream career and create an income stream from your very own home!

You are attracting your target audience and ideal clients so that you are growing an engaged community that supports your dreams.

I was a year into growing my Instagram account when I took Cynthia’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Authentic Growth course. At the time I was exhausted from spinning my wheels, and worried that my current strategizes weren’t enough to take me where I wanted to go. Cynthia’s course was a breathe of fresh air during that time, offering me a clear path forward, sustainable strategies, and a broader perspective on my role of influence in a digital space.
-Jodi Bond @houseonsugarhill


The Girlfriends Guide to Authentic Growth on Instagram







LIFETIME ACCESS to the online course material chock full of practical advice, strategic tips, which you work through at your own pace. You will learn everything from the secrets behind the instagram algorithms, to strategic advice on how to post to boost engagement, to creating quality content and engaging stories that deliver results.

A PRIVATE GROUP on Instagram where you will have personal interaction with Cynthia Harper and receive additional accountability, advice, and motivation, as well as having the opportunity to network with like minded individuals.

3 LIVE Q&A SESSIONS to answer all your questions with honest answers in real time. These hour-long group sessions are my personal favorite because I get to connect with you in real time and mentor you with direct honest advice to all the things you’ve always wondered but never knew who to ask!


DAILY ACTION TIPS and motivation in the private Instagram group that will give you advice to implement on a daily basis to keep you moving forward and GROWING on IG! These Daily Action Tips keep you accountable and help you actually implement all you are learning through the online course.

NETWORKING and CONNECTIONS with other like-minded individuals who are also seeking to grow on Instagram. These relationships you develop are invaluable because it offers you a support network that extends beyond the 3 week duration of the course.

Ready to grow your Instagram and get started
creating a career you’re wildly passionate about?
Let’s do this!

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"Cynthia's course was the first step I took taking the plunge into the Instagram world. What she implemented in this course has guided me to now being able to support my family and do what I love! Her course was so inspirational and was definitely the best first step I could have taken. I'm now at 70k followers in just over a year of taking her course!!!! Cynthia Harper I thank you!!!" 
— Nikki Burrows @missrusticarrow

Cynthia’s course works! It is a comprehensive A-Z guide on how to grow on Instagram! Her course is the one I recommend to my personal friend’s and family when they ask me about Instagram. It includes everything I would tell them about how to grow if we had all the time in the world. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to grow their account in a genuine and honest way!
-Jodi @houseonsugarhill

I loved working closely with Cynthia! Her guide to authentic growth course helped me keep my goal of using my time intentionally while logged on to Instagram. Having boundaries + strategies in place have made a huge difference for my account. There are endless free blogs + lists about how to grow + I found myself disagreeing with what many of them were suggesting. I wanted strategies I could use while still being authentically me + instead of being a vague cheerleader Cynthia taught me actionable steps.
-Nina Carter @strawberryroad


• Unlike other courses with absent or distant instructors, you will get direct interaction with Cynthia Harper. You are guaranteed to get real answers to your questions directly from the source herself!

• This program is not just motivational rah-rah “fluff”. Instead it is packed full of actionable, strategic, tangible tips that you can implement to see real results. 

• This course is taught by someone who is still actively growing on Instagram. Many instructors had early booms on IG but have grown stagnant recently. Cynthia Harper is still actively growing her lifestyle IG account and partnering with brands, while offering this course in hopes that it can help others create their dream careers on Instagram. 

• Because of the highly hands-on nature of this course, sign ups are very limited, so don't delay!


Stylist, Content Creator, and Instagram Growth Coach, Cynthia Harper has grown her account from 0 to 300k followers completely authentically in just 3 years despite the ever-changing Instagram algorithms. What started as a stay-at-home mom just looking for a creative outlet has morphed into a six-figure biz run from her home on her phone. Cynthia has discovered how to leverage the power of Instagram, and now she’s teaching you how to do the same! Having worked with numerous brands including Apartment Therapy, Amazon Prime, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Rust-Oleum, Cascade, Aquaphor, Mrs. Meyers, Martha Stewart, and more, Cynthia is excited to help you unlock the keys to help you make your Instagram dreams become a reality!


When does the course start and finish?

You get immediate access to the online course materials that you can work through at your own pace! And you have access to them forever! The private instagram group will last for 3 weeks and that is where you get additional strategies, motivation, tips, live sessions, and interaction directly with Cynthia Harper. The sign ups for this course are only open for a couple days, so don’t miss your chance.

Is this course just for Home Decor accounts?

No, this course is for ANYONE in ANY niche who has a desire to grow an authentic and engaged following on instagram! I've mentored everyone from fitness coaches to photographers, mommy bloggers, small business owners,'s really for anyone who wants to grow their presence on instagram to help reach their individual goals/dreams, whatever those might be!

Will I still be able to access the online course materials after the 3-week timeframe is over?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to the online course materials.

Can I take this course if I have a full time day job?

Yes, many people who’ve taken this course have also worked regular day jobs. This course is designed in a way that allows you to work through it at your own pace. Information can be accessed at your convenience, around your existing schedule.  

See what people inside the course are saying...

Ready to grow your Instagram and get started
creating a career you’re wildly passionate about?
Let’s do this!

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