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From Popular to Profitable

It’s time to turn your Instagram following into a profitable career! Do you find yourself confused by how to actually earn an income through Instagram? Are you tired of chasing the likes and the followers, and you simply want the time & effort you're putting in to be worth it financially? Perhaps you've gotten some free products or made a little money, but you're ready to take this side-hustle to the next level?! Then this is the course for you! 

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it's time to step up and work smarter not harder to earn a real income from your Instagram presence!!! How do I know what I’m talking about? Because 3 years ago I was a stay-at-home mom with young kids struggling to make ends meet with just my husband’s income. And I turned a little creative side hustle on instagram into a six-figure business from my home on my phone. Say What?! Yes. That’s a true story. Six figures…from my home…on my phone, all while doing something I LOVE and being authentically me. I’m basically living my dream career, and I’m passionate about helping you understand how you can leverage your Instagram influence to do the same!  

Cynthia’s course gave me the confidence to not only approach brands, but to present myself as a desirable choice for brands to say “yes!” to! I truthfully didn’t have the first clue about how to pitch a partnership, but Cynthia’s guidance helped me beyond measure, and I have landed several collaborations as a result! As a “smaller” Instagrammer, I thought that brands might not even notice me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This course was full of well-organized, concise information, and was made even better with Cynthia’s friendly and down-to-Earth tone."
-Sarah @lemonandbloom

I created this course specifically to help you make your Instagram presence profitable. I’m giving you the framework to understand how to generate REAL DOLLARS in your bank account so that you aren’t just working for follows & likes

You’re actually generating an income that is making your time & energy worth it as you build your dream career! It’s time to shift your mindset from wanting to be “popular” to actually being profitable.

This is for you if:

You have an Instagram following but aren’t sure how to start turning that influence into an income.

You’ve received some free products but are ready to take it to the next level and start making real money.

You want to pitch yourself to brands, but have no idea what to say or how to get in touch with the right people.

You have gotten approached by brands, but are not sure what the proper rates are (fyi: you are most likely vastly undercharging and leaving money on the table!)

You are motivated to make this a real career but need guidance from a mentor who has walked that path

Ready to take your Instagram influence to the next level and start generating consistent, reliable income as you build your dream career?!  

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IMAGiNE A LIFE where...

You are doing something you love AND making money while doing it!

You have the freedom & flexibility to work from home, making your own schedule so that your family can still be a top priority. You decide when you work and can therefore still be present for all the important moments that mean the most.

Your income from Instagram replaces (and even surpasses!) what you make from your other job. Your time on social media isn’t just mindless scrolling or aimless posting. It’s building the foundation for your financial freedom, all while doing something you love!









Lifetime access to an online course full of tutorials and modules that teach you strategic tips and practical advice that will help you start monetizing your influence today. (And bonus: the lessons are also recorded so you can either read the course or listen to it podcast-style instead!)

Email templates that help you pitch and negotiate with brands to land your dream collaborations.

Real numbers and rates so that you are charging what you are truly worth.

A custom professionally designed Media Kit that is fully editable that you can use as you pitch yourself to brands so that you present yourself in a way that is polished, professional, and relevant.



The top ten ways to monetize your influence which provides a roadmap so that you know how to actually generate an income from your Instagram influence.

A one-hour Live group session with Cynthia Harper where you can ask all your burning questions and get honest answers and advice in real time. This Live Q&A is GOLD and makes this course so different from the others out there.  

Ready to take your Instagram influence to the next level and start generating consistent, reliable income as you build your dream career?!  

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During this course, you will learn personally from Cynthia Harper on how you can make money in authentic ways doing something you love, without selling your soul!  Cynthia has turned her creative side hustle into a six-figure business from her home on her phone, while remaining true to herself and her original purpose. And she's passionate about helping others understand how they can do the same.

This course is different because:

• Unlike other courses with absent or distant instructors, you will get direct interaction with Cynthia Harper. You are guaranteed to get real answers to your questions directly from the source herself!

• This program is not just motivational rah-rah “fluff”. Instead it is packed full of practical tips and first-hand advice to help you determine your roadmap for monetizing your influence and landing your ideal brand collaborations. 

This course is taught by someone who is still actively growing on Instagram. Many instructors had early booms on IG but have grown stagnant recently. Cynthia Harper is still actively growing her lifestyle IG account and partnering with brands that are household names (like Amazon Prime, Apartment Therapy, Cascade, Hyundai, Rust-Oleum, Delta, Aquaphor, and countless others), while offering this course in hopes that it can help others create their dream careers on Instagram.


Stylist, Content Creator, and Instagram Growth Coach, Cynthia Harper has grown her account from 0 to 300k followers completely authentically in just 3 years despite the ever-changing Instagram algorithms. What started as a stay-at-home mom just looking for a creative outlet has morphed into a six-figure biz run from her home on her phone. Cynthia has discovered how to leverage the power of Instagram, and now she’s teaching you how to do the same! Having worked with numerous brands including Apartment Therapy, Amazon Prime, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Rust-Oleum, Cascade, Aquaphor, Mrs. Meyers, Martha Stewart, and more, Cynthia is excited to help you unlock the keys to help you make your Instagram dreams become a reality!


When does the course start and finish?

You get immediate access to the online course materials that you can work through at your own pace! And you have access to them forever! 

Is this course just for Home Decor accounts?

No, this course is for ANYONE in ANY niche who has a desire to make their Instagram influence profitable! If you’re ready for real dollars to start hitting your bank account, then this course will help you, no matter what niche you in! 

Will I still be able to access the online course materials in the future?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to the online course materials. So whether you want to start right away, wait a few weeks until life settles down, or revisit the material again next year, you’ll be able to. The online course is yours to access forever!

Can I take this course if I have a full time day job?

Yes, many people who’ve taken this course have also worked regular day jobs. This course is designed in a way that allows you to work through it at your own pace. Information can be accessed at your convenience, around your existing schedule.

How much money can I expect to make from my Instagram influence?

Some people make a couple hundred a month, while others make tens of thousands of dollars a month. It all depends on the size of your following and your engagement, as well as how selective you are about partnerships. And like anything in life, the amount of time and energy you put in will influence the results you see. I wish I could promise you an exact number, but I can’t because everyone’s situation varies. But I will tell you, this is NOT a get-rich-quick type of course. This is a course that gives you a roadmap, but you are still the one who has to put in the work as you walk that road. If you are motivated and driven, but need insider knowledge on how to monetize your influence, then this course is for you! Personally, I have consistent five-figure months just from brand partnerships alone, and make far more now than I did in my previous career as a middle school teacher.  

Ready to take your Instagram influence to the next level and start generating consistent, reliable income as you build your dream career?!  

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